Nutritional Exotic Thai Cuisine – PAD Thai Curry

Noodles have long been a staple part of many different nations’ diets; some can be traced to the oldest civilizations. But one thing that can be said for noodles of any sort is that it provides an interesting texture and flavour to any type of meal. This is especially true when one looks at Asian recipes, particularly ones with their roots firmly planted in the wonderful flavours of Thailand. When people are asked what they know about Thai recipes most will agree that the cuisine is best known for its piquant curries; but what many people disagree on is where to find the best Pad Thai recipe. Even though there are several restaurants that offer top quality Thai food, not many will openly share their traditional recipes.

Pad Thai recipe

This in itself is such a pity, as cooking traditional Thai food is not too complicated, especially when one is being guided by a top Thai chef. Additionally, these types of recipes are also extremely healthy while offering top nutritional value for money. Take Thai green curry recipes for example, where one can confidently create a dish that looks and tastes opulent by simply combining a few key vegetables with some shrimp or chicken and a handful of flagrant spices.

A key flavour that stands out with most of these dishes is the clever incorporation of lime; which lends itself to the sweet-sour, tangy aroma that creates an insatiable craving for more! Additionally, one will usually find that the addition of chillies in varying quantities is a fundamental means of flavouring rice noodles or vermicelli noodles as part of creating what is commonly known as Singapore Noodles dishes. Most expert chefs will add their own variations to these dishes and there are several online recipes that are readily available, which include Thai curry recipes that have been passed down by family members for centuries.

These original authentic Pad Thai recipes may at times seem hard to find but if one looks at top Thai Australian chefs then it opens a whole new world of Thai cooking!

Italians would love to have the claim to fame for using noodles or pasta as a staple ingredient in their dishes, but if one was to travel back in time the true origin of noodle based cuisine will become clearly apparent. Similarly, anyone who is looking for easy to understand monthly Pad Thai recipes should take a look at to find mouth watering recipes.

For those human beings who feel like a complete alien when it comes to anything related to cooking, an all-in-one easy 2 step recipe can be found online. With step-by-step instructions and the choice of adding prawns or chicken, one will be able to meet even the fussiest of guests needs. What’s more, one is not obliged to divulge the secret to cooking authentic Thai food in one’s own home! It is however, guaranteed to make even the worst cook on the planet serve up a bowl of Thai curry that will put anyone to shame and raise a lot of questions!

Advantages of Hiring Professional PC Repair Technicians in Melbourne

Next to the car, the computer is the second most utilized machinery in many homes especially in today’s world where many daily transactions are done through this piece of technology. In due course, this invention becomes prone to damages that can quite affect the lives of users in a drastic manner if they use it on a daily basis. Below are some of the advantages that you will benefit when you hire specialists in a reputable computer repair company in Melbourne CBD to get this incredible machine working again.

reputable Computer repair company in Melbourne CBD

reputable Computer repair company in Melbourne CBD

Unparalleled Technical Expertise

The professionals have the necessary technical expertise to be able to diagnose and treat the problem that is currently afflicting your computer. If you had taken it to a friend who has average understanding on the workings, you are more than likely going to have your problem complicated further. Some of the problems that affect both desktop and laptops require an individual who has extensive skills and knowledge.

Get Back to Work Quickly

Since you are working with a Melbourne CBD reputable computer repair company expert who already has extensive experiences, the technicians will be able to determine the problem quickly. This way they can repair your machine back to health within no time hence saving you time and stress. This translates to you getting back to work as soon as possible with little to no interruption to your daily activities.

Get it Done Right the First Time

Hiring an expert also means that the job will be done right the first time and will not have to incur any more costs. Shoddy computer repairs can have you visit shop limitless times and each time you will be expected to fork out some more money making it an expensive venture. A professional, reputable computer repair company Melbourne CBD technician should be able to offer you the guarantee that the job is already complete as soon as you get in.

Multiple Services

Experts in reputable computer repair companies in Melbourne CBD also offer a variety of other services apart from repairing your dead or dying computer. Some of these include the installation of operating systems, antivirus software, and dealing with internet connection issues, as well as data recovery. Melbourne residents should be able to take advantage of these services for properly functioning computer systems. These highly skilled individuals also provide IT relocation, cloud and managed IT services.

Drop-off/Pickup Services

For computer support, the professionals at a reputable computer repair company in Melbourne CBD also have in place a system where you as the client can have your damaged laptop or computer picked up and dropped off later. This saves you both time and money since you do not have to spend endless hours in the lobby as you wait for them to repair your system. All you have to do is pack the broken unit in a sturdy box and the specialists will be along to pick it up and drop it off once they are done with ensuring that it works as good as new.

It is important that you hire only a reputable computer repair company in Melbourne CBD. Connect IT offers you all the advantages above and more. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the real experts are on the job. Furthermore, you will have your machine back running like brand new. For more information, do not hesitate to call Connect IT at

Benefits of a Hair Extension Make-Over

Bondi is one of the suburbs of Sydney, considered as a booming commercial center of Australia. It’s a most popular choice for residential homes because of the fact that shopping areas are situated here. Good food, shopping, as well as hair extentions in Bondi are always something to look forward to when it comes to good living and lifestyle.

Women take pride in their hair. A woman who has her crowning glory pampered, treated and always in the latest fashion is a confident and happy woman. There is just something about the kind of hairstyle a woman wears that affects her disposition in life – she somehow  feels beautiful, like a famous movie star or Hollywood celebrity!

Hair extensions are very popular among many women who want to change their look dramatically. The hair extentions in Bondi in particular are offering this make-over and transformation to those who want to look their best. With the help of expert hairdressers, trained to do the process skillfully, one is bound to come out of the salon looking like a completely different person.

But aside from this, there are more advantages of trying reliable services of hair extentions in Bondi.

For one, a short-haired woman can get to experience long hair instantly. Growing your hair long will take years and years of waiting. I bet no one’s that patient especially if the present hair trend points to very long hair. With the use of hair extensions, the add-on looks as natural as if it were her own hair. Unlike wigs that sometimes use synthetic materials, these extensions make use of real hair that are weaved to the scalp so it won’t fall off – it’s literally an extension of someone’s real hair.

This is a perfect choice for women who have thin and limp hair. Once the hair extensions are used, it will add volume to the hair. Volume is one characteristic that can make a woman younger than her real age which is probably why many want to have that bouncy and puffed hair look. Another thing with volume is that it can make anyone look sexy and voluptious effortlessly.

Hair extensions are also very low maintenance. Hurray! Women spend hours and hours in front of their dressers as they comb, blow dry, style and apply so many creams on the hair just so the luster and shine won’t go away. After a trip to the salon, hair is gorgeous but what about the next day or two? This won’t be a concern with the extensions though – after a shower, you simply do what you normally do and expect the hair to look the same.

Someone who has had the same hairstyle for years will come to the point of wanting a change. And what is the safest way to change the hairstyle?  Yes, with a hair extension. A haircut can end up bad if it doesn’t suit the person, a change in color can turn up to be a permanent disaster or a perm/straightening treatment may also be a choice that can’t be re-done. Hair extension is true to its name as it only extends someone’s real and natural hair – it’s a change that doesn’t completely alter the natural but rather enhances what’s already there. Visit them online at

Performing Partial Discharge Testing on the Power Cable Systems

Partial discharge testing is one of the most important techniques applied in the protection of electrical assets. It is mainly concerned with the monitoring and the measurement of the quality of the insulation materials that have been used in the cable power systems.

 If the power cable insulation mechanism has broken down or is in the process of breaking down, it will produce partial electrical discharges which can be detected, monitored and analyzed using specialized partial discharge testing equipment. The partial discharge testing or PD testing is generally mostly applied in the extruded insulation materials on the cables.

Partial discharge testing can be carried out in two main modes. One form of the testing and the monitoring includes measuring all the discharges that are occurring in the cable system. On the other hand, the testing geared at monitoring a particular spot on a power cable. This will be applicable in cases where you need to locate an individual discharge point in the cable system as opposed to measuring all the discharges in the cable system.

Measurement of the PD

This is one of the most significant tests generally carried out on the power cables before they are released into the marketplace. It is done in order to ensure that they are highly reliable.  The tests are carried out at power frequency in order to predict the cable’s behavior when it is deployed in the real world high voltage high-frequency applications.

When testing is done at the factory, the manufacturers generally apply a voltage frequency that is slightly higher than the actual voltage frequency that will be used in the ground in order to guarantee the reliability of the power cable insulations. Low frequency partial discharge testing is also carried out in order to detect the imperfections in the power cables.

But factory tests are not sufficient and may not detect 100% of the imperfections in the cable insulations. Besides, as the cable is used in the real-world environment, it will undergo a slow degradation and create new imperfections that will lead to partial discharges and which may grow into something more serious if it goes unchecked.

So partial discharge tests should be continued for the duration of the use of the high frequency power cables where it can act as a potent predictive analysis tool. It will inform engineers of the status of the cable installations so that they can make the right calls on particular imperfections in the power cables.

The PD cable mapping tasks are generally carried out on the installed power cables in order to detect any discharge problems that may occur. Cables insulation integrity may have been disrupted during transportation or use. When cables are being installed, disruptions in the insulation may occur at the joints or the termination points of the cables and this is what will cause the partial discharges.

The partial discharge measurement can be particularly recommended in cases where you suspect damages or faulty installations on the cables. In instances where you also require a very high degree of power cable reliability, then the partial discharge testing will also be highly recommended. It is important to acquire the best partial discharge testing equipment that will deliver the greatest reliability in your cable installations.

Guide to Different Types of Wedding Marquees

If you have your heart set on a marquee wedding, you need to do extensive planning to get all the details right. A wedding marquee is ideal for an outdoor venue so you can have a laid back reception and for your guests to have a grand time at your wedding. Working with a high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth can make your life less stressful, especially during the planning process. They can educate you about the different types of marquees that you can use depending on the number of guests and your other specifications.

high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth

high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth

To help you during the planning process, it is important to learn about the different types of wedding marquees. With this information, you can make the right choice about what fits into your budget and needs during the event.

Traditional Canvas Marquee

This is the most popular choice for outdoor weddings. However, it might be suitable only for smaller wedding venues such as your local farm or garden. But what it lacks in size and capacity it makes up for flexibility. You can easily remove the sides on your wedding marquee if you have a beautiful weather on the day of your wedding. But when it is a bit windy or there is rain during that day, you can keep your guests warm and cozy within the reception area.

A traditional canvas marquee also goes with a garden themed wedding. There are also endless opportunities for creating décor and design within the venue. This is a great choice if you are planning to hold your wedding in the spring or summer.

Framed Marquee

A high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth can also suggest using a framed marquee. This is the most expensive out of all types of wedding marquees, though. But it is expensive for a reason – it exudes a glamorous and luxurious vibe into your wedding reception. The name suggests that the marquees are framed into position with strong metal frames to ensure durability. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that the tent stays in place. You can also use it to secure the reception area with heating or air conditioning, whichever is needed. A framed marquee is recommended for large wedding venues or if you have several guests.

Bedouin Marquee

This is a more flexible type of wedding marquee – it can be framed, or stabilized with poles, or even leave out as a canopy style. The primary difference with the above two selections of marquees is that this one comes with a more exotic theme to it. Hence, you can use Moroccan fabrics or draperies to adorn the walls or ceiling at the reception. This is the perfect choice of marquee if you have a Moroccan, Indian or exotic themed wedding.

To make your high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth worth every penny you spend, choose to work only with a reliable company. Swan Marquee in Perth is a notable party hire company specializing in weddings and other special occasions. They know and understand your needs for a successful marquee wedding. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can tap into their expertise and experience to make your dream wedding come true. For more details or place inquiries online, go to

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Used Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment Australia products are used for moving, lowering, loading and offloading heavy loads within a site. They are mainly applied in the construction and mining industries. Some of the available lifting machines include forklifts, cranes, hoists, mobile elevating work platforms and excavators. These equipment are available in the second-hand market, but one can also buy a new one. Second-hand lifting equipment are preferred because they are relatively cheap. However, there are a number of factors to consider before purchasing used equipment.

lifting equipment


You need to know the market price of these lifting equipment. The used ones should be sold at a price lower than the market price. However, the prices of used equipment also vary depending on the period of time the equipment has been in use. The cost should be commensurate with the number of years used and the condition at the point of sale.

The Legal Ownership

You should ensure to scrutinize all documents to prove that the seller is the legal owner of the equipment. It is possible for one to buy stolen items they do not scrutinize all legal documents. The documents should show the name of the buyer, date of purchase, and place of purchase. In case you agreed with the seller to use professional valuers to determine the current value of the equipment, you must ensure that the necessary documents are provided. This will ensure that you buy the equipment that are fairly valued.

The intended use of the equipment

How do you intend to use the equipment? What kind of equipment does the job require? These are the kind of question to answer in this section. This will guide you on the specifications to check before buying the equipment. Some parts may be too old to perform the intended work. All parts should be in good condition to ensure that they do not develop problems when you start work. The seller should give you warranty so that if the equipment develop a problem during the agreed time, he should bear the cost of repair.

Operation Requirements of the Equipment

Some of the Lifting equipment Melbourne products require licensing and insurance by a legal body before one can operate. Due to the high risk involved in operating large machinery, you might be required to attend training and testing before you are certified. This should be done prior to the purchase. If you have no prior knowledge of the equipment operation, enroll the services of a lifting equipment specialist. These are qualified professionals and experts with certificates of operation from the relevant bodies. With such experts, you are assured of safe handling of the equipment and minimal risks to the public or staff members.

Fit for use

Security measures should be put in place when buying used equipment. You should have a thorough examination of the equipment to identify any faulty parts or any mechanical servicing required. Carrying out a site risk assessment will also enable you to put appropriate risk measures in place before commencing any work. Purchase any safety or personal protective gear required for equipment to operate.

For more information, please visit our website at

Condo Design and Décor Ideas in Bangkok

Looking for a proven condo design company in Bangkok to turn your condo into something that is totally splendid? There are thousands of design ideas out there that you can embrace to transform your Bangkok condo regardless of its size or design. For example, you could go for the modern interiors, the industrial condo interior design, the colorful and eclectic condo interior design, the antique interior condo design, country-style, the chic modern designs and the vibrant contemporary designs.

The idea book for the condo interior design is limitless. What you need is a proven condo design company in Bangkok with a capacity to put these ideas into action so as to give you the dream condo design that is absolutely marvelous.

Understanding the purpose of your living rooms

Most of the interior design work generally revolves around transforming your home’s living rooms. This is one of the busiest areas of the house. We use it for socializing with family and friends, watching TV, gazing at the fireplaces or engaging in some conversations. Check this out Abilmente.

There is so much that you can pack here in order to convert into a beautiful and inspiring space. But as indicated above, a lot will depend on your inspirations or design ideas. While the interior designers will offer you recommendations on what will best suit your living spaces, your preferences and personal tastes will also play a role in determining the kind of interior that you will have.

Irrespective of your preferences, a careful choice of colors and furniture configurations can help you achieve a really pleasant living room interior that will completely transform your living spaces. There are plenty of design ideas that you will be able to discuss with your Bangkok interior design depending on the design of your condo. Here are some of the popular designs that you could put into consideration for your condo:

A condo with a fireplace: In this case, you will need to make the fireplace the focus of the living room.  The furniture can be arranged in an intimate way although they do not really have to face the fireplace.

Classic combo: This is another popular interior design idea. This is very simple and includes a sofa, a coffee table and a few chairs. It is defined by simplicity and plenty of spaces where people can walk easily without bumping knees.

Another configuration that you could achieve with this is having the sofa and two comfortable chairs at a 90 degree angle with a table serving both. You could use an upholstered ottoman which could serve multiple functions such as seating, footrest or an improvised coffee table.

Using a sofa as a dividing wall for your living room: You could place a sofa at a focal point in the living room and also use it as a dividing wall. The coffee table could be on the opposite end with the sofa facing away from it.

Going miniature: Instead of adding an imposing sofa, you could go miniature by simply adding a love seat to the living room area. This provides for a very cozy and spacious setup.

The traditional setup: The traditional setup of living room décor generally includes the sofa, glass coffee table, chairs and even an ottoman. By choosing light colors, you could make the living room appear bigger than it really is.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As stated in the first paragraph, the breadth and range of ideas that you could opt for are basically limitless and with a proven condo design company in Bangkok, you will easily turn these ideas into reality. Browse to find out more.